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April 29, 2006

UPDATED: the day after immigrant-free day

The immigration rallies yesterday were a beautiful, inspiring thing. I have to confess to being a little unclear as to what happens next. Quotes from organizers like ""Now we have to reroute all of the energy and momentum " inspire a mild anxiety about agenda (good luck turning that speeding aircraft carrier around, dude), but overall the marches have impressed me as organized, spontaneous, live things, exactly the stuff of which (I imagine) movements are made. Thousands of people trekked up and down my Downtown LA street looking to get to the action on Broadway, and in several hours of watching I saw only American flags, a minor detail in the grand scheme of things that spoke to the discipline and effective message-management the march organizers had brought to bear. Black civil rights leaders have been trying to pull just these kinds of power moves for decades with nowhere near the results.

Perhaps owing to that aforementioned discipline, yesterday was also Nuestro Himno free (on my block at least), a victory for grown-adults everywhere. Although the reactions to the so-called Spanish National Anthem by Michelle Malkin and her ilk are disgustingly racist and absurdist, there really is no "there there" to this fracaso. Nuestro Himno is a lame crap "We are the World"-type confection, hardly worth anyone's time either way, hardly any kind of threat to the actual National Anthem.

(How do you threaten a song, anyway? The NA isn't a "protectable" state symbol or object like a flag, no one has framed this as any kind of copyright issue, and last I checked there was no official US language (yet), let alone a specific national singing language. Anyone who acts like the Dodgers are suddenly going to start playing it before games is either smoking crack or trying to incite a riot.)

As if this this bullshit story couldn't get any bullshittier, it turns out Neustro Himno is the work of producer Adam Kidron: Brit, Internet fuck-up and hustler-of-ethnic culture extraordinaire. If you're gullible, you may remember Adam Kidron as the man who killed Urban Box Office, but me, I remember him as an engineer of the biggest ethnic media con of all time. Either way, Neustro Himno is a cynical, bandwagon-jumping piece of piece of shit wrapped in corny race/identity rhetoric, just like UBO was. After a period of initial fanfare, expect a bunch of Latino people to wake up in six months realizing Kidron owes them money.


UPDATE: So it seems the Preznit had Jon Secada singing the National Anthem in Spanish at his inauguration. Since the Malkinites (can anyone spell "self-hatred"?) are all in snit about how the Dear Leader is betraying them on the immigration front, don't expect this revelation to have much of an impact on their thinking.

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