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April 25, 2006

preval, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit

[hat tip 893 for inspiring the post title]

Haitian Prez Rene Preval; can someone giffordize me, plz?

Haitian president Rene Preval is trying to create some synergies with Venezuelan Hugo Chavez.

from Voice of America:

Venezuela's president has invited Haiti to join a program offering inexpensive oil to Caribbean nations.

The offer came during a visit Monday to Caracas by Haiti's President-Elect Rene Preval.

Mr. Preval met with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. They discussed Haiti's inclusion in Venezuela's Petrocaribe program which offers generous payment options to Caribbean countries for the purchase of Venezuelan oil.

During the meeting, Mr. Chavez said Venezuela would also donate diesel fuel for use by schools and hospitals in Haiti.

I think of this (likely largely theatrical) instance of inter-American amity against the backdrop of the small but rising anti-Latino chorus from black neo-cons (hat tip Steve Gilliard) and/or the know-nothing corners of the black blogosphere. The number of folks either directly on the racist right's payroll or naturally inclined to get down on their knees and fellate it (this, no doubt, while gagging out the words "no homo" every other sentence) is, as always, something to behold.

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