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May 4, 2006

yahoo in haiti?

Actually, not Yahoo, just Kevin Sites.

I haven't been following any of Sites' trips through the, uh, "hot zone" (i.e., global trouble spots from Sudan to Uganda to Iraq to...) so I don't really have any context for the Haiti episodes. I'm glad the thing exists, but I can't say I'm particularly impressed. Sites' is a decent reporter, covering the basics and conveying appropriate outrage and human empathy, but his schtick feels like Anderson Cooper on some kind of post-extreme sports high. Similarly, seen in terms of internet media, the Hot Zone franchise doesn't do anything that, say, the BBC's website doesn't do just as well and with none of the tendentious "maturing medium" self-importance that comes from being a Yahoo product. (Isn't Yahoo getting out of the original programming biz anyway?)

Still, being master of your own sinking internet ship has its upsides, chief of which is the freedom to go to Haiti off-season (i.e., post-elections) if you feel like it.

Posted by ebogjonson in haiti, on May 4, 2006 5:27 PM