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August 3, 2006

biohazards in my lawn

JeepBastard a.k.a. John Lee has this bit up of 90s Brooklyn nostalgia up:

I can't possibly answer all the questions that this raises, but I was there and live through it. Ask anyone from Fort Greene who was here before the gentrification and they will tell you about the painful blood curdling screams that erupted every night from 80 Hanson Place, echoing down to 4th Avenue on a quiet night. Was Brooklyn home to a BioWarfare Lab? [full story]

I actually lived around the block from 80 Hanson Place on South Elliot Place for most of the early 90s, and I remember that stretch of block as always having a particularly odd vibe to it. John's posting recalls a day (what year?) when Hanson was blocked off on both ends by the cops, the better for some mysterious hazmat/biohazard/bomb squad hijinks to ensue. I don't recall this particular incident (not home? too high?) but the picture below could have been taken from my roof (provided, of course, that my brownstone was 10 stories taller.)

Wikipedia describes 80 Hanson as "a state facility for testing cocain abuse on rhesus monkeys," and although John is thinking outbreak the photos could also depict a bomb squad responding to some or another threat phoned in by an animal rights org.

The whole things does make me wonder about the garbage, though. A door or so down from 80 Hanson was a boarded up wreck inhabited (I thought) by various homeless, addicts and morlocks, and I wonder if they ever went dumpster-diving in the likely super-hazardous goop/refuse produced by 80 Hanson.

(What I'm really asking, is: If one were to eat or roast or somehow smoke the corpse of a crackhead rhesus, does one get high? Only Tony the King of the Fort Greene crackheads knows for sure.)

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