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August 4, 2006

I was just following orders...

... from the market!

The Chicago Defender takes a look at BET President and COO Debra Lee:

We must come to terms with BET's truth as a network handcuffed by a marketplace ruled by advertisers, the chase for young viewers, and the added burden of being a black media company.

"We always hear, `All you guys are interested in is making money," Lee says. "We're a business. That's what we do." [full story]

The Defender's take on BET is typically muddled, but Lee's core proposition is a classic form of bullshit. BET doesn't suck because "we're a business," it sucks because many of the folks involved in crafting its shows can be relied upon to produce work that's mediocre and generally low in terms of outlook and quality. Things have improved slightly since Viacom took over and and the new management team has done a few interesting things (like The Chop Up, if you can ever find it on the dial). Still, despite such additions, BET still pretty much sucks, and it's NOT because it's a business. HBO, Comedy Central, VH1, ESPN are all "businesses" (successful ones at that) and 20 hours out of 24 the programming on any of those channels beats what you find on BET.

Hey, speaking of bright spot The Chop Up, something about the premise strikes me as familiar:

Welcome to "The Chop Up," BET News' weekly dissection of the people, places and issues rumbling in the hearts, minds and souls of Black folk.

Where have I heard that before?

Every Friday, the A-List compiles a listing of the most important topics African America discussed the previous week. This week on the A-List: Tiger Terror in Harlem?

I'm just joshing and even if I'm not, I can't complain too much. Everybody steals from somewhere.

Posted by ebogjonson in media, on August 4, 2006 10:29 AM