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September 4, 2006



I am absolutely going to make a million of these using this tool. It takes anything you write and creates a cassette label. via boing boing.

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August 28, 2006

wash my hair, please

Anglophone African shampoo advert, circa 1960, via we make money not art:

Also on youtube, an ad for bug spray from the Ivory Coast:

That last one strikes me as a potential parody, but then again Kola Boof struck me as a web-art performance piece the first time I encountered her.

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June 15, 2006

ebog link dump 00002

Me, I'm still taking it light. Other folks seem to be on the stick, however:

    - jace/rupture is on tour with/as Nettle: "After umpteen hours in the airport, we leave limbo without a bandmember. The airport store stocks between 50 and 70 different varieties of what British people call crisps. Americans say potato chips. They sport titles like "savory moroccan lamb and gentle lime twists". Clear evidence of an empire in decline. London is the senile brain of an aging empire in decline, with fantastic bursts of color, activity, and memory in unrelated spaces and really bad transit."
    - digital Maoism?
    - post-Mao digital Maoism?
    - how about just plain post-Mao digital Maoist games?
    - in LA June 15-17? You might want to attend the first ever Nollywood Foundation convention and festival. [hat tip The Timbuktu Chronicles]
    - shame on the Congressional Black Caucus... again
    - Mixed Media Watch Watch: This kind of middlebrow yackity-smack really does crack me up. Someday I'm going to write a lengthy post about Mixed Media Watch, but for now let's just say that the constant "is it me, or what?" kvetching pretty much encapsulates everything that's wrong with the bourgie mixed race "movement." Lameness and hackery are no crimes in and of themselves, but come on, ladies: "Biracial Girl on Televison" or "Biracial Student Teased" or "White Mom of Trans-Racial Adoptee Gets Mean Stare" (I'm not making that last one up) are not news. That kind of narcissistic drool isn't "Mixed Media Watch" but "Mixed Media Slow News Day", or maybe "Mixed Media I've Run Out Of Ideas But I Have This Consultancy and Need To Justify Charging Fundamentally Evil Corporate HR Departments A Pretty Penny For Lawsuit Insurance Cloaked as Diversity Education." (But thanks for the America's Next Top Model updates! Jade really was completely insane!)
    - I mean, is it me or what?
    - this post brings to mind Chris Rock's joke that when you are alone at a cash machine in the middle of the night you do not keep an eye out over your shoulder for "the media." Or do you? Black ways of processing the media have become mainstreamed in ways that neither the (white) left or the right properly understands.


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May 31, 2006

ebog link dump 00001

Sorry about the postus interruptus but I am a bit in the shit what with a deadline and some brain maintenance issues/concerns. I'm looking to be back on the stick in day or two, but in the meantime here are a few links:

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December 4, 2005

sweet, sweet spam


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November 14, 2005

random on, random off

There sure is some funny, odd, weird ish on the internets. Hat tip to my Friendster pal, Therese.

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